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Logic Locks is a Design Studio for exceptional immersive gaming experiences. We have created many custom escape rooms, custom hybrids between virtual and real-life experiences and theatrical experiences.

"Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement"
Sir Ken Robinson


Imagination is one of humanities greatest strengths. By activating people's curiosity and imagination, our real-life games and interactive experiences have a profound power to facilitate moments of wonder, insight and learning.
Our creations will help you to turn the visitors of your event into
true participants!


"Working with Logic Locks was fun and inspiring. Passionate people who convey enthusiasm and tenacity. Thinking, conceiving, and carrying out experiences together was amazing and we can't wait to do it again!"

Silvia Catanuso Content Designer and Project Manager at H-Farm


panel from hell.JPG

For a launch of the early-access video game patch of Baldurs Gate 3. We co-wrote and co-produced an online adventure that was Live-Streamed on Twitch. 


For the Antibiotics Awareness Week, we created an educational escape game that teaches players about the risks of Antibiotics Resistance.

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Up The Game

We co-founded Up The Game, one of the largest international conventions for Escape Rooms & RL-Gaming.

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Up The Game

To help employees identify with the new brand image we created a secret society and a mysterious initiation challenge

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Loyalis Escape Room.jpg
Spelen met Samenwerken.png

Together with a team of collaborators, we created 24 games to facilitate moments of insights between collaborating healthcare institutions.

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Society of Makers

For a prestigious Italian client, we designed an innovative way for trainers to identify with the companies core values.
The game was traveling all around the world to be used by trainers at all of their

Schengen Experience

A mix between theatre & treasure hunt teaches children the benefits of the open borders in the museum of Schengen in Luxembourg.

Mobster Mayhem

Mobster Mayhem

A theatrical Role-Playing game that lets you explore your creativity through the expression of evil intentions. "More than guts, a good gangster needs ideas"

We design games, experiences and powerful moments.

Lipton T-Room

A themed brand activation to engage visitors of Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium.

Chamber of Curiosities

Explore the seven senses and the deepest layers of the brain in Hendrik's Gin Chamber of Curiosities

Hendrik's Gin_edited.jpg

A large scale theatrical horror experience that took place on 4 floors in the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam. This was a 90 minutes experience that stretched over a massive area and included multiple actors.


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