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Looking for a creative Job and explore your potential as a game host or interactive performer?

Well, than we might be a lucky match! At Logic Locks we are looking for hosts game operators and performers that help us to create extraordinary experiences. We currently operate a wide range of experiences (see this website) and all of them involve on a varying degree, hosting and steering a game. Acting and performing, operating a game in either a physical or a digital context. 


  • Responsible and reliable. 
    After an initial training phase, we will grant you a fair amount of freedom and responsibility around planning your day and hosting our experience. This freedom however comes with the responsibility to be highly reliable and commit to our shared intention: To create the highest-quality experience for our participants.


  • Creative and inventive.
    We create experiences for a diverse range of participants. You will play a crucial role in facilitating those experiences. For this, it is important that you enjoy putting yourself into the shoes of the participants and try to react to their individual needs and expectations.


  • Not easily scared (of people/technology).
    Your work will include an element of performance and hosting, but also an element of operating the technological back-end of some games. While this does not require the knowledge of any specific skills you should be open to learn some new things as we use different kinds of software and hardware applications. The majority of those things can be understood very quickly, but it helps if you don’t hate it but have a bit of curiosity for those things 😉



  • A team that will treat you with care and empathy.
    Everyone has their unique strength and weaknesses and we believe that open and honest communication can help us solve any challenges.
    We are team consisting of many freelancers and part timers and each of us is passionate about providing unusual and surprising experiences for a very diverse range of people.


  • A part time position with a high degree of flexibility.
    Working at Logic Locks is not a 9 to 5 job. Sometimes the days are short and sometimes they are very long. We will do our best to adjust to your private needs and plan you in for the times that serve you best. In return, we need you to be open to jump in and support a colleague when they are in need. 


  • Weekdays, Weekends, Afternoons & Evenings
    We are offering experience during the day and evenings and also during the weekends. People usually pick the shifts that work best for them. 

Help us to make some magic happen.

If you are interested, please write an email to

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