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A New Adventure Awaits: Announcing Our Online Escape Room Experience! 

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

When the coronavirus arrived in Europe it caught almost all of us by surprise. Who would have guessed in February, that within a few weeks we would barely be leaving our houses, many of us forced to live in virtual isolation.

The impact has been huge. People have lost their jobs, businesses have been forced to close their doors to customers, and now, many of those same businesses are facing ruin. Festivals and gigs were cancelled en-mass and everywhere people are experiencing a profound sense of uncertainty and…boredom.

Indeed, these unusual times are providing some unique challenges for all of us. For Logic Locks, it means that we had to cancel pretty much everything we had planned for this summer and close our escape rooms in Amsterdam. However, restless souls as we are, we could not simply sit on our hands and we have been busy developing a way to bring the adventures to you.

After much experimentation and tinkering around, we have emerged with a new adventure for you all: live video, online escape rooms. This new experience can be played from the safety and comfort of your home, and just like with your work meetings there isn’t even the need to wear pants!

Online Escape Room |
Online Escape Room: In Game View

To make this experience work, we have set up a live camera feed from our escape room in Amsterdam. With just a computer or smart phone, players can connect to the feed and together help one of our intrepid adventurers to escape the room. We have made the setup as simple as possible, so there is no need for players to download any additional software. For the moment, the game is available in either English or Dutch and we are considering more language options.

A couple of weeks ago we opened our (virtual) doors to all those willing to undertake this new adventure with us. For everyone tired of isolation and looking to break the lockdown induced boredom, we offer The Secrets of Eliza’s Heart the online, live camera version of our original, beloved escape room.

Journey with us into the study chamber of one of Amsterdam’s most famous explorers and help us to unlock her secrets. We require the brave and stout-hearted for this adventure…are you ready?



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