The Secrets of
Eliza's Heart

Brought to you by the Creators of the 'Amsterdam Catacombs'

Investigate the mysterious disappearance of one of Amsterdam's most legendary adventurers!

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The Secrets of Eliza's Heart is a puzzle focused Escape Room with a strong emphasis on story and atmosphere. The game can be a bit scary at times but never drifts into the realm of Horror

This Escape Room is especially recommended for those who enjoy classic adventure stories or supernatural mysteries.

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1. Gather your Team

You need a team between 

2 and 7 Players. If you play with only 2 Players expect the game to be of higher difficulty.

2. Choose a Date

The playing time is 63 minutes but please reserve up to 90 minutes for the entire experience. 

3. Don't Worry

We fully refund your game if you cancel up to 72 hours in advance.

Regular Price

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Who was 
Elizabeth Van Leeuwenhart?

A Free Spirit

Elizabeth was a unique woman of her time, as she traveled all around the globe by herself

Disappeared in 1922

She disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Nobody knows where she went...

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You find the Secrets of Eliza's Heart at Ferdinand Huyckstraat 28 in Amsterdam West

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I expect from this escape room?

The Secrets of Eliza’s Heart is a story driven escape room set in an underground study chamber. To complete the game you will need to solve unique puzzles and figure out clues. The game is mysterious and, at times, a little unsettling, but never enters the realm of horror. Both children and adults enjoy this game.

What is the aim of the game?

The aim of the escape room is to figure out what happened to the infamous explorer Elizabeth van Leeuwenhart. If you are able to unravel the mystery within 63 minutes you will be able to escape the study chamber.

How long does it last?

The game typically lasts 63 minutes, but we advise you set aside 1 and half hours for the whole experience.

What is the language used for the experience? / In welke taal vind de ervaring plaats?

Everything in the game is in English. If you would like to have the game in Dutch please contact us and we can let you know what times our Dutch operators are available. Please keep in mind that our team is both international and Dutch, so the times Dutch operators are available is limited.

How many people can play the escape room?

The Secrets of Eliza’s Heart escape room can host a maximum of 7 players per game and a minimum of 2. To ensure the quality and safety of the experience we can not permit any exceptions. Please contact us if you are interested in experiences for larger groups.

I'm late, what now?

Please give us a call and let us know whenever you can (+316 51069529)! We will do our best to provide the best possible experience but it might be that we have to reduce your playing time. If your delay is too long we will not be able to host your game anymore and cannot provide a refund.