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We are glad that you are helping with the decryption of Eliza's secret letter. From our experience with cryptography we understand that Eliza has been used an encryption method in which every page has a hidden puzzle the solution of which should provide a necessary piece of information to solve the puzzle on the next page.


Need a hint?

What do I wear to class?

Pole Dance: We suggest tight fitting shorts with a sports bra, fitted top, or tank top. For more advanced classes pole specific attire is recommended. Most importantly, wear anything that makes you feel comfortable and free! Pole Dance heels are welcome but not required. Lyra: Leggings with a tight fitting top (anything that won't move around too much when you're upside down). Please remove all jewerly from neck, hands, and wrists. Earrings close to the ear are permitted. We recommend no lotions or oils on class days.

What if a series has already started?

We schedule 101 series on a monthly basis. If one has already started or is full, please check our schedule and register for the next one.

Is there a weight limit?

Wild Orchid is for all women, all sizes.

I'm a sex worker. Am I welcome?

Put simply...HELL YES YOU ARE! At Wild Orchid we honor the intertwined history of pole dancing and stripping. While there are various manifestations of pole dance and pole arts throughout history, the shape that pole dance takes in the western world today would not exist without strippers. It would be irresponsible to ignore the fact that the movements and aesthetics of pole dance are derived from strippers, who still face stigma for their work. Our studio stands behind the fact that sex work is work. Our Leadership in Equity and Diversity (LEAD) initiative works to educate our community about the stigmatization and marginalization of strippers, to teach pole dancers of all backgrounds how to advocate for sex worker rights, and to model the ways we all can do our part to dismantle whorephobia. Why should pole dancers care about sex workers’ rights? Although pole dancing has grown to include people besides strippers, we would be complicit in the daily violence against sex workers if we failed to acknowledge the origin of modern pole dance and its aesthetics. We see it as the responsibility of all pole dancers to protect the people more marginalized than us, whether that means standing for strippers’ rights if you’re not a sex worker, or respecting full service sex workers if you’re a dancer. Punching down at people who endure the most stigma will not solve the systemic misogyny that trickles over to pole dance in general. To learn more about how Pole Dancers can be allies, visit our Sex Work Advocacy page.

Are Men/ Trans people/ Gender Non-Conforming folks welcome?

Yes! We are feminine in energy, not biology. We welcome all gender identifications who feel drawn to exploring this art.

Do you have the solution?


Please try your answer here. The page is password encrypted and you need the third, the twenty-eight and the twentieth word of the text of the final solution to access it (in exactly this order, and please use spaces in between the words and pay attention to capitals).