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"Recently we discovered a series of letters which were sent by Elizabeth van Leeuwenhart. It turns out that these forgotten letters were send long after her mysterious disappearing. As it was her custom, these letters are encrypted in a very unusual manner. We were not able to decipher the hidden messages that Elizabeth was sending back to Amsterdam so we decided to ask for help. Will you be able to solve the puzzle of Elizabeth's last message?"

This is a follow-up experience to the Logic Locks Escape Room 'The Secrets of Eliza's Heart'. If you have not played this game you will not be able to solve all its puzzles. For everyone who has played the Escape Room, these letters will challenge you with some additional puzzles and tell you more about the intentions of the infamous Elizabeth van Leeuwenhart.

The Forgotten Letters of Elizabeth van Leeuwenhart

€ 12,50Prijs
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