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Escape Games

Bring your friends or colleagues to form a team of hobby detectives and adventurers; gather clues, solve puzzles, combine information, decipher secret meanings and trigger hidden mechanisms. You can only succeed if you work together, you will need all the brainpower to stay cool and profit from each other’s strengths while the clock is ticking! Our Escape Games are among the most popular in Amsterdam and we take great care to create highly immersive adventures.

The Secrets of Eliza's Heart

The descendants of explorer Elizabeth van Leeuwenhart have decided to open her old study chamber to the public. They are looking for a golden heart necklace of unimaginable value the ‘Lionheart’. But watch out, the study chamber won't give up its secrets easily…

Team Size

Play with 2 to 7 people (very difficult for teams of 2)


Playing time

You have 63 min for the game, but the whole experience lasts up to 90 min



Price depends on group size. Students receive 10% discount



We generally advise never to leave the house without hat, black powder and magnifying glass


The Amsterdam Catacombs

“Forget everything you knew about Escape Rooms!”
Forget everything you know about Escape Rooms. The Amsterdam Catacombs is an interactive Horror Adventure deep under an old church. Without telling too much, we can promise you that this will be unlike anything else that you have experienced in an Escape Room so far! This is a 90 minutes Room Escape experience. It involves moments of stress, darkness and flickerling lights. This experience is not suitable for children and you should be mentally stable and averagely fit. Click here to choose your faith!

Team Size

Suitable for 3 to 6 Players


Playing time

The game itself lasts 90 min. The whole experience takes up to two hours.



Prices start at 24€ p.p.


Expect Fear

Players should be mentally stable and averagely fit.