What we do

'Up The Game' Conference

Together with our partners Real Life Gaming we organize Up The Game , the largest escape room and real life gaming conference in the world. Up The Game and brings together escape room & experience designers from all over the world to exchange ideas and support each other in their efforts to create high quality games.

Escape Room Design

Logic Locks consists of a team of passionate creators. If you are looking for a high quality Escape Game experience to entertain your guests or clients, we are very interested to help you either with an existing design or a custom product. We have designed Escape Rooms for distinguished companies, universities and even private individuals. Contact us if you want to know more.

Teaching & Consultancy

The Logic Locks team consists of experts in Escape Room design. We teach game design, puzzle design and the overall potential of play. This is possible as our team combines expertise in storytelling, social psychology, workshop facilitation and business consultancy. Do you consider to open an Escape Room or did you purchase an Escape Room and are not satisfied with the quality? There are many things to be considered and often games can be improved a lot with cost-effective changes in the puzzle and theme design. Small changes can have a large impact and we can help you to get the best out of your game.

“Dit was echt de meest mysterieuze, spannende en onwijs leuke activatie welke wij ooit op een van onze festivals gehad hebben! Jullie hele terrein was gevuld met spanning en vermaak!”

Sen Willemse, Lief Festival

“All the visitors that entered the Enigma Room were enchanted by the set up. It offered a very immersive experience, perfectly balanced between science and fun, completely fitting our brand universe. I want to thank again the great, professional, dedicated team I’ve had the chance to work with.” –

Eglantine Moreau, Brand Manager Hendrick’s Gin

“Creative high quality entertainment! The photo theatre at my wedding was a great success! They had extravagant costumes and attributes to create a very special theatrical atmosphere. The guests loved dressing up and acting, even my grand parents were totally into it! And we are so happy to keep the memories of this very special day in this amazing photo book signed by all our guests. Thanks once more for bringing such a fun and unforgettable experience to our wedding! “

Tatiana Zabara & Matthies Verstegen,

“Great Team Event” Together with my colleagues (total a group of 7 project managers) we were placed in this room with 1 mission only; Solve the riddles and ESCAPE!!! We had so much fun! Afterwards at the dinner table we have been speaking and laughing about it for a very long time. Everyone was in a state of Trance! Compliments to the creators!

Jolanda E, Booking.com

I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing conference. I talked to many of the UK visitors (and plenty from further afield) and everyone was saying how much they enjoyed the experience. I hope you and the rest of the Up the Game team feel proud of what you achieved. It was exciting to be involved in the experience, even if only in a small way, and getting to meeting so many people involved with this industry from all across the globe was fantastic.

Ken Ferguson, http://exitgames.co.uk/