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  • Pre-Sale launched for Catacombs Experience


    After thousands of hours, kilometers of wire and the combined efforts of great artists, we are finally ready to reveal our new Escape Game. The Amsterdam Catacombs Experience is a unique horror adventure in the Catacombs of the magnificent Posthoornkerk. We travelled a lot to play the greatest games of Europe and we are confident that we will bring to Amsterdam one of the most terrifying Escape Room experiences existing. So brace yourself, form a team with nerves of steel. It will take a lot to succeed in the Exorcism of this ancient crypt! Take your chance to get a presale ticket for 25% discount and you can be sure to be one of the first ones to face the evil that lurks among the tombs!

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  • Mobster Mayhem Halloween special

    After two years we have finally decided to host another Mobster Mayhem. With a new team and a great new location we will cordially invite you at the 28th to suit up and enter a world of extravagance, intrigue and treachery! Mobster Mayhem is a competitive, strategic role-playing game: an immersive experience in which players take on the role of one of Amsterdam's top criminals and fight for dominance. By working together with your criminal faction, you can assure that you and your allies ascend to be the new rulers of Amsterdam's underworld. The game takes place at Saturday the 28th of October, 19:00 at a secret location in the Amsterdam city center. Price: €48,- (2 drinks and snacks included) and the estimated game duration is 3 hours. Tickets are very limited. If you are interested to join send us an email or write a message on facebook, but be aware "it needs more than guts to be a good gangster, it takes ideas!" Read More
  • Logic Locks releases Killjoy's Escape Case

    After a long time of testing and tweaking we finally released Killjoy’s Escape Case. Logic Locks’ version of a mobile Puzzle Game for large groups. It is our first game of this kind and it is always exciting to explore new terrain. This project combines our love for storytelling with our passion for detail. Now we are ready to travel through the country and surprise people, let's see where it takes us! This Escape Game is a challenging adventure for groups around 15 people. It is perfect for team-building, brainstorm sessions or parties. This time travel adventure is a true challenge and includes many unique puzzles and challenges that arise when you work in a big group.

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  • 'Up The Game' Escape Room Conference

    In May 2017 Logic Locks organized another edition of Up The Game. Together with our partners Real Life Gaming we worked hard to bring the international scene of Escape Rooms and Real-Life Game enthusiasts together. Under the motto ‘Connecting Creators’. More than 500 visitors from 44 different countries joined us to the Prison Dome in Breda. We exchanged many ideas, formed partnerships and learned a lot about the innovation in the scene. While it was a lot of work and many of our products are delayed due to the organization of the conference, meeting all those great people and spending two great days together was a great reward for all the effort. For more detailed info about the conference we recommmend the report on ExitGames.co.uk.

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